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Oil pastels – learn 3 inspirations for extraordinary artwork

Although painting with oil pastels may seem difficult to some, it resembles drawing with candle or wax crayons. Are you wondering how to use them to their full potential and what other drawing supplies you will need? Discover 3 inspirations for unusual artistic works and let your imagination run wild.

Painting with oil pastels: tips

You can paint with them on basically any paper with a delicate structure, on cardboard and on canvas. They are rubbed like paints and mixed together using turpentine. Oil pastels can be perfectly combined with oil painting.

First, mark the contours with a pencil. Then gradually apply the selected base color and various shades of it, as well as other colors. Do it gently or press harder for a more intense effect. If you want to brighten the applied color, do it with a white crayon – you will create the impression of depth. When working on the play of lights, do not press too hard on the crayon. Stick products are great for drawing details.

You also need to wipe oil pastels with paper often, as they quickly get dirty with other colors, and then you can ruin your work.

Pastels will work well in landscapes

This type of paint can be used for painting on various surfaces – also on a painting base. Pastels will be perfect for creating landscapes in the open air – intense colors will perfectly reflect each season of the year. Don’t be afraid to layer different colors on top of each other – this way you will create new shades. You can draw with the ends of pastels, and cover larger areas of the image with their entire surface. Interesting effects reminiscent of oil painting can be obtained by gently blurring them with spirit or turpentine.

Prepare the following drawing articles:

  • paper,
  • paint tape,
  • Astra oil pastels – 12 , 24 or 36 colors,
  • paper or blender for smudging.

Attach a piece of paper to the desk and choose the colors from the set that you will need to paint the landscape. After applying all the background colors, blend them with a blender. Remember to leave the bottom part of the paper unpainted. Fill the gaps with the second layer. Add brighter reflections where they are required and darken where you feel comfortable. Then blend again with the blender. Start drawing landscape elements, e.g. trees, mountains, animals. Finally, paint the lower part of the card with the selected pastel. Draw e.g. grass, leaves on trees, animals, etc.

Paint a portrait with oil pastels

Are you wondering how to paint a portrait of a mother, grandmother or child? It’s easier than you think, but it takes patience and practice. Start by choosing the right photo to look at and prepare a set of basic oil pastels and drawing supplies.

  1. Attach a piece of paper to the table.
  2. Draw approximate face contours on it with a pencil.
  3. Apply base colors and outline details – eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, hair, which gradually start building, darkening and shading.
  4. Fill larger areas of the image – try to capture the play of light.
  5. Finish and smooth the strokes.

You can get the base of the flesh color of the skin from white, pink, ocher and burnt sienna. Also red, gray and black. Each person has a different complexion, so it’s worth mixing different pastels. By controlling the pressure, you will get the effect of a more or less opaque color – the colors can penetrate. Don’t be discouraged by possible failures. Paint as much as possible and make adjustments. Only then will you get a steady hand.

Wiping and dissolving: is it worth it?

Absolutely – let the only limitation be your imagination. Both techniques require practice. Due to the oil content, pastels are easy to dilute and get a watercolor-like effect. These types of articles can also be easily applied to each other, wiped, rubbed, combined with water, dissolved with turpentine and contoured layers.

By dissolving the crayon in turpentine or mixing it with linseed oil, you will get a soft , a thick structural line or glazing delicate shadows.

High quality Astra pastels

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