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Trainings for teachers

Astra S.A. invites you to free art training dedicated to teachers as well as school and preschool institutions.

During the two-hour workshop, our trainers will introduce you to the fascinating world of fine arts and art. You will learn about the practical and creative use of Astra products. You will find out how to prepare lesson plans in an interesting and original way and how to get your students interested.

Szkolenia dla nauczycieli Astra
Increase your pedagogical qualifications in the field of art classes
Develop your artistic passions and expand your artistic portfolio
Influence children's artistic development and use art in therapy
Gain practical knowledge about Astra art supplies

Gain practical knowledge

Thanks to the series of our trainings, you will love art and fine arts even more. Check out what you will gain as a participant.


  • You will learn how to make a painting out of plasticine and perpetual motion machine out of wooden sticks
  • You will learn methods of development and shaping fine motor skills
  • You will be up to date with the core curriculum
  • You will learn about the practical and often non-obvious use of art supplies

Astra szkolenia dla nauczycieli

Get free training

  • We organize trainings for teachers throughout the year
  • The group of participants taking part in a classroom training is a minimum of 30 people
  • We also conduct online training in the form of webinars for smaller groups of teachers, retail chains and wholesalers
  • Each participant of the training receives a mini art supply with a small gift
  • The training ends with a personal certificate

Skontaktuj się z trenerem Szkolenia dla nauczycieli Astra Paulina Domińska

Astra S.A. educator, trains participants in a creative way, effectively using her experience from working with children and adults. Graduate of graphic design and Pedagogical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Lover of art, comics, design and beautiful objects.