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A brand dedicated to children of preschool and early school age. The rich assortment of art supplies has been prepared so that children beginning their school adventure are equipped with the necessary materials. A distinctive feature of the brand is the colorful packaging with adorable Astrino dogs, which have stolen the hearts of thousands of little ones.


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Modelina Astrino 18 kolorów
Flamastry Astrino 12 kolorów
Kolorowy blok techniczny Astrino A3 170 g 10 ark.
Plastelina Astrino 12 kolorów
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Interesting facts:

The natural binder of our poster paints is sugar.
All paints are manufactured in Poland.
Wax crayons are created from natural beeswax.
PLASTELINA_MODELINA_ASTRA obraz_z_plasteliny_astra