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Monami is one of the largest Korean manufacturers of stationery and office supplies.
The company follows a simple philosophy: “The pen is available to everyone – anywhere, anytime.”
Monami is valued for its knowledge and technological competence resulting from the creation of its own Research Institute.
Every day the best scientists and engineers work on improving and implementing new products, ensuring the highest quality of Monami stationery.
Thanks to a variety of product lines, the company quickly responds to changing trends and consumer preferences.

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długopis 153 Neo MONAMI 0.7 mm czarny - korpus granatowy
Długopis 153 Czarny&Biały Klasyk - korpus czarny
wkład do długopisu Monami FX-4000 0.7 mm - kolor czarny
Długopis plastikowy basic MONAMI - tusz czarny
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Interesting facts:

"SigmaFlo" is a worldwide patented technology developed by Monami using liquid ink. It allows the pen to maintain a clear ink consistency until it is completely exhausted.
Monami products will work just as well in the office as they do during everyday use.
monami_marker_do_tkanin monami_długopisy monami_markery_do_ceramiki