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ASTRAPAP is a wide range of paper products such as drawing and technical blocks, notebooks, folders, tissue papers and corrugated cardboard. We know paper like no one else, so our products have a high degree of fluffing and are resistant to aging. They are also FSC certified, because caring for nature is one of our primary goals.


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Blok rysunkowy Astrapap A4 100 g 20 arkuszy
Bibuła marszczona Astrapap 25x200 cm mix 10 kol. pastelowych
Blok papierów holograficznych AstraPap A4 10 arkuszy 70 g
Tektura falista Astrapap A4 mix 10 kol
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Interesting facts:

The paper used in our products is resistant to aging
We have a wide range of notebooks, drawing and technical blocks and colored papers
ASTRAPAP colored paper is made from 100% TCF pulp without chlorine or its compounds.
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