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AS brand are sensational “starter” products for everyone.
Our main offer is safe and proven paints, plasticine and modeling clays produced in Poland in economical packaging. All products are manufactured based on classic recipes under constant laboratory quality control. AS art supplies are ideal for learning, playing and developing creativity.
They are appreciated by both children and young artists taking their first steps in the field of art.
Parents and teachers then note a very good value for money.


Complete the set

Plastelina AS 10 kolorów
Farby plakatowe AS 12 kolorów 20 ml
Modelina AS 12 kolorów
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Interesting facts:

Among the artists who did all the work with crayons were Paul Cézanne and Pablo Picasso. Perhaps in the future you will join this group?
Poster paints are perfect for developing the skills of children and novice painters, and they can be easily removed with plain water from surfaces other than a sheet of paper.