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The PLAYMOBIL brand is loved by children all over the world. Today it is difficult to point out someone who does not recognize the distinctive PLAYMOBIL figures. As the official partner of the brand in Poland, we present an extraordinary collection of licensed textiles and accessories from the City Action and Fairies series. It is aimed at children of preschool and school age. Boys may feel like police officers and firefighters, and girls will be very happy to be enchantresses. Welcome to the magical world of PLAYMOBIL.


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Plecak dziecięcy Playmobil
Piórnik pojedynczy bez wyposażenia 2 klapki Playmobil
Worek na obuwie Playmobil, PL-18
Zestaw bidon i śniadaniówka PL-07 Playmobil
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Interesting facts:

We have small backpacks for preschool children.
Each of our products undergoes rigorous testing and is certified to guarantee the safety of children.
Astra S.A. products are officially licensed by Playmobil.