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As a leading manufacturer of artistic materials, Astra S.A. has in its portfolio brands that have been very popular among children, teachers and therapists for years.
One of our most sought-after brands is DR COSMIC. Intelligent Plasticine, Slime and Kinetic Sand have stolen the hearts of thousands of the youngest and those slightly older who can create real wonders out of them. Our products are not only good fun. DR COSMIC masses such as Slime Gelly, are also an excellent therapeutic tool. They enable motor and sensorimotor development, and also provide relaxation from stressful and nervous moments in life.


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Dr Cosmic - Slime gelly Cool zielony
Dr Cosmic - Slime gelly Fluffy pomarańczowy
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Interesting facts:

Plastic masses are an ideal means of expression. They have therapeutic power - they have a calming, relaxing effect, they reduce stress.
While kneading, molding, rolling, pinching or chiseling, the child exercises fine motor skills, that is hand and finger dexterity.
DR COSMIC's masses are ideally suited for playing and working with toddlers, preschoolers and early school-age children.