Who we are

Children are our heroes

Needs of the youngest are the source of our inspiration. For years we support their ingenuity, which makes reality more colorful and constantly develops new faces of art!

Who we are

Fields of our activity

Years of building company structure based on solid tradition allowed us to develop activities in many fields. We conduct broad scope marketing, including advertisement, promotion or sponsoring, and we also conduct free arts workshops. We also build long-term B2B relations.

Who we are

Our licences

We offer a broad range of textile articles in the colors of the most famous football clubs. These include backpacks, belt packs, pencil-cases and all types of accessories necessary to start your adventure with education. We place special emphasis on functionality and ergonomics of our products that are developed by best specialists.

Who we are

Laboratory and technology

We own our private laboratory in which we subject each project to detailed tests. The manufacture of all products is subject to plant quality assurances system. Thanks to the carefully conducted laboratory tests we win all attests, conforming to the most rigorous requirements of European Union market, including the European CE safety mark.

Who we are

Laboratory and technology

We cooperate with prestigious universities and associations supporting schools, and that allows us to directly influence the art development of children and youths. We sponsor many educational and cultural initiatives. For years, with full engagement, we support schools and preschools, equipping them with highest quality products for the youngest.

Astra is the leading Polish brand that stands out by years of tradition.

We are present not only in the Polish, but also European market for almost 90 years. Key products, such as modeling clay, plasticine or paints became synonymous for our brand. We successively enhance our portfolio with new innovative and functional items.

Currently our offer includes a broad choice of school, office, arts, crafts and textile supplies. We hold multiple licenses and brands, that guarantee the diversity of our offer and originality of patterns adjusted to every age of child.

Years of experience allowed us to win trust and appreciation of our customers. Their remarks and suggestions are the foundation on which we build our offer, allowing us to build a customized collection of highest quality products.

ASTRA inspires for generations

ASTRA – Inspires for generations!

Broad range of ASTRA brand products discovers new directions in art education of children and youths every single day, thus winning the trust of not just their parents, but also artists and teachers. It’s a collection of safe, non-toxic and high quality articles in which everyone will find something for themselves! They teach through play, supporting the intellectual development and creative thinking.

ARTEA – become a pro

The success of an artist rests in his tools, that is why we offer the ARTEA line: highest quality products for advanced art. These are complementary products, such as oil paints, canvas or painting media. We will help you to completely equip your workshop!

AS – a little something for preschool pupil!

The AS brand products are dedicated for the youngest and that is why the products, such as paints, modeling or polymer clay are subjected to numerous tests. Mixing all colors together, testing the durability and elasticity of products are the experiments most frequently performed by our experts. Being aware of preschool reality we offer you the efficient AS product line, with easily washable products that are ready to undergo the most daring creative attempts.

CREATIVO invites to express yourself in creative way

Vast majority of CREATIVO line products are DIY sets. Work on them stimulates creativity by shaping imagination and creative spirit. CREATIVO is also a series of décor accessories, such as decorative sequins, confetti, glittery stickers or glue. This will grant every work a unique expression.

ASTRINO – all colors of joy!

Apart from our main products we also offer a ruling pencil, that thanks to it powdery end surprises with its multitude of application. The ASTRINO fairy-tale forest will introduce you to drawing with a unique color pencil, that connects many colors of the rainbow in one!

ZENITH – Proven for generations

A brand with long tradition, that concentrates valued writing products. ZENITH are office supplies, made mainly in Poland, that stand out due to their high quality. We offer not only automatic ball pens and pencils but also stylish fountain pens, elegant gift sets and a broad range accessories.